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Tri Pivotsは Creation・Marketing・Promotion の 3-Pivots(3基軸)から、 ブランドビジネスをサポートする、ファッション/アパレルのスペシャリスト集団です。

  • ファッション/アパレル事業の新規立ち上げ・事業の再生
  • 問題点を的確に分析、即効的に解決し、業績を回復
  • 海外ブランドを日本市場向けにアレンジ、日本市場での成功へ…

Tri Pivots is a specialized organization  that provides support in the brand-business of fashion-apparel field, based on the Three - Pivots of Creation - Marketing - Promotion.

  • Provide support to the creation / renovation of fashion- apparel business.
  • Defect and analyze the existing problems as soon as possible and aim to achievement recovery.
  • An overseas brand is arranged for a Japanese market and the business is led to the success.
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